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Want to know how to become a CT Cannabis patient? 

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How does one become a medical marijuana patient in Connecticut? To start, the patient must have one of Connecticut's debilitating conditions. Click the link to view the conditions list.

Become a Patient

Once a physician has made the recommendation, there is a registration process to participate in the program. The physician begins the registration process for the patient, which the patient is required to complete. A link is then sent to the patient via email which links them to a Department of Consumer Protection website called Biznet. Here is where the patient creates a new account with the state and complete their process by uploading a proof of identification (like a drivers license), a proof of residency (like a cellphone bill), a selfies on a plain white background, and a $100 registration fee (this must be renewed annually). There is then a 14 business day processing time with the state (don't count any week ends or holidays) in which you will receive a temporary card via email that is valid for 30 days. During the 30 day timeline the physical card comes in the mail. If you get lost and can't find the Biznet site, click the link to go right to the application page.

If you have one of the listed conditions to qualify for the program, the next step would be to talk to your doctor. If for some reason your normal physician will not register you for the program, but you have one of the debilitating conditions, find another doctor. 

Everything in CT is made to sound like an aspirin and can become confusing. Check the strain list for the real names.

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